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Kitchen and backyard of beads

You think you know what is patience? Think again. American Liza Lou knows ​​what hard work and patience is. On her first project called “Kitchen” she spent 5 years (1991-1996). This is a copy of a full size kitchen, but not an ordinary kitchen – it is completely covered with millions of beads. Lisa glued each bead individually using tiny forceps. Thus, she created an amazing mosaic on the surface of all the things in the room – from the walls to newspapers and packets of crisps.

In 1999, Lisa Lu decided to start a new project called “backyard”, for which she has used more than 30 million beads! Most of them were spent to create 250,000 blades of grass around the picnic table. In 2013, Lisa has unveiled its latest project called “Color Field”, which will stand at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego to November 3. “Color Field” – a tribute to the meadows and fields of South Africa, where Lisa is now working.

The artist says that the for creation of the projects was inspired by traditional African beadwork, which is still very popular in the local culture. She has worked with local craftsmen, who introduced her to the secrets of beadwork that were handed down from generation to generation. The results of her work you can see in these amazing photographs.

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