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Marvel Features Real-life Superheroes

Marvel Entertainment in partnership with Allegheny Health Network has introduced a new team of real-life superheroes through its comic book entitled “The Vitals: True Nurse Stories”.

The comic book consists of three different stories that focus on the challenges of eight nurse superheroes from Pittsburgh and Erie, who work in exhaustion and risk their own health every day to save the lives of others amid the coronavirus pandemic. This is one way AHN and Highmark Health taught off to thank and celebrate the heroism and courageousness of all the health care workers especially when the world needed them the most.

A Challenging Year for the Nurses

Based on real-life experiences, the comic book contains one story about a healthcare worker trying to save a man having breathing problems. Another one about a nurse surprising a patient with a video call with his family. And one telling about a health worker’s own family struggles at home. 

This pandemic truly challenged our nurses professionally and emotionally. The nurses’ real experiences can be stressful and traumatic but they have demonstrated extraordinary courage and exceptional work for the past months. They come to work every day not knowing what they will face. Their stories are special.

Bringing the Comic Book Together

According to Clare Zangerle, the chief nursing officer of AHN, the idea of this whole project started during a meeting with Highmark Health and the marketing department of the hospitals, and someone expressed admiration to nurses for being the modern-day superheroes in this pandemic, and how fitting they are to be in a comic book, too. 

From there, senior marketing strategist Lisa Huckestein pitched the idea to Marvel with no certainty. Marvel liked the concept and replied positively. They requested additional information and soon one of their writers, Sean Ryan, drafted three great stories to be published into comics.

Marvel Nurses

Marvel staff including artists, pencilers, letterers, and a colorist worked on the project and made it a success. Even those not comic fans loved how it turned out. Marvel Entertainment President, Dan Buckley says the story of this comic book is very much in line with Marvel’s focus which is to feature everyday heroes. This comic book will live on forever together with other amazing stories Marvel has released.

The project was carried out in complete secrecy. AHN nurses were surprised when the managers shared the first few printed copies of the comic book. But it wasn’t just the AHN nurses who should be proud; this is dedicated to all the nurses all over the world for their exceptional work. This is a great way to show the kids how their parents are making a difference outside their homes.

The full comic book is available online through AHN and Marvel’s website and will also be distributed throughout all AHN hospitals.

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