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Decorating the Walls

Stunning art ideas in decorating the walls

Alexei Cotelea does just amazing things with his hands. Ordinary at first glance, finishing walls, he turns it into a work of art. Modest apartment flats transformed into blooming gardens and magnificent scenery. I suggest you to get acquainted with his work and learn a little about the art of the master.

Explanation of wizard, he uses a mixture of gypsum-based – satengips from Knauf. Decorative plaster made of special materials – German and Italian manufacturers.

Conventional tools – soft spatula ,stainless steel spatula and stucco :
1 – the main form (the material should be thick) polished after drying
2 – flattening more liquid mass, then brush wet hands to smooth
3 – more prof. plaster-brush to apply a thin protective layer after drying.

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